DailyCost is a simple and elegant expense tracking app for everyday use. With intuitive interaction and beautifully designed statistics, it just rocks.

  • Simple and easy to use UI
  • Intuitive experience
  • Smart categories
  • Elegant stats and reports

This app is designed and developed individually by a passionate designer in his spare time, alone.
After using many complicated expense tracking apps, he determined to design a much simpler one.

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Behind the app

Unlike most other native iOS apps developed with Objective-C, DailyCost was developed with HTML5 technology, using JavaScript as its programming language. One of the key benefits of HTML5 is its lower cost in migrating to other platforms, such as Android.

The biggest challenges in developing DailyCost is debugging and performance tweaking. It uses a customised jQuery library as its core framework. In order to enhance overall performance and achieve better UI responsiveness, numerous research and efforts has been made. By reducing the complexity of the HTML DOM structure and minimising the reflow and repaint process for each interaction, better performance could be achieved.

Lessons learned

Guopeng Liang shares his design thinkings behind this app on SlideShare:
Simplicity – Design Thinkings and Methodologies behind DailyCost


Highest rank globally: reached overall Top 10 in 15 countries, finance Top 10 in 100+ countries
Highest rank in China: #16 overall, #1 in finance category
Total downloads: 500,000+

2013.12.27 – interview with Guopeng Liang by GeekPark
2013.10.30 – featured attendee at Dublin Web Summit
2013.08.30 – exceeds 500,000 users in total
2013.08.28 – won Macworld Talent First Prize
2013.08.01 – 10/10 scores recommended app by App Storm
2013.06.13 – version 1.6.0
2013.05.31 – exceeds 350,000 users in total
2013.01.27 – in-depth interview by CSDN about Guopeng’s vision of design thinking and HTML5
2013.01.20 – reported by 36kr.com
2013.01.06 – exceeds 200,000 users in total
2012.12.30 – exceeds 100,000 users in total
2012.12.26 – App Store ranking (Finance) #1 in Singapore and Taiwan, #2 in India and Malaysia, #5 in HK
2012.12.25 – App Store ranking (Finance) #3 in China, #4 in USA, #11 in UK
2012.12.24 – exceeds 30,000 users in total
2012.12.14 – version 1.4.0
2012.11.22 – version 1.3.1
2012.10.17 – version 1.1.6
2012.10.09 – version 1.0 initially available on App Store

Comments (107)

  • avatar aweei says:

    希望可以增加自訂類別的功能,或是可以再項目裡加備註,謝謝! 很好的APP

    Hope that can increase the functionality of the custom class, or can project Riga Remarks, thank you! Great APP

  • avatar 毒药 says:


  • avatar A user says:

    May I make a few suggestions:

    1. It’s probably better to call the app DailyExpenses instead of DailyCost.
    2. It would be good to allow users to prevent the display of categories that they don’t want, and to add custom categories that they do want
    3. Use a larger font for the days at the top – it’s hard to read at its current size
    4. Only the default background has enough contrast to make the app readable – you might want to modify all the colors, fonts etc to make the app readable with any background other than the default (blue).

    That said, this is a very nice app

    • Thanks for your suggestions buddy. The reason why it’s called DailyCost is that, the initial thought of this app is to help users just to keep track and remind them of the daily spendings. Because in most cases, incomes could be tracked well in our bank accounts. And DailyCost is shorter than DailyExpenses or DailySpendings, easier to remember and could be displayed without missing the trailing letters on iOS devices.

    • avatar Jeff says:

      I see! Nice!

  • avatar Jeff says:

    Really nice and intuitive interface! It does a much better job than any other apps in the category.
    A few suggestions from the general scenario based on main functionalities though:

    1. Date locating.
    Part of the reasons why people take records of daily spendings is that they can quickly track back to a specific date to see what they spent. So it’d be good to select a date to view from a calendar in stead of swiping, say 30 times to get to see how much I spent on the same day a month ago.

    2. Week/Month/Year view.
    The status display is really clear and tidy, but to be honest, reading a week expense can hardly tell anything.. It’d be nice to be able to switch between week, month or year view at the harizontal diagram view.

    3. Data back-up and import.
    For any type of records, it’s always important to back the data up, especially after a long period of time. We can’t really bet all the risks on a mobile phone after all.

    One extra nice and easy feature to suggest would be to add the “income” item, so we can quickly see the balance, rather than just the spendings. ^_^

    But again, the interface is just great. Haven’t seen such a clean UI before. d(^_^o)

    • Thank you for the suggestions Jeff. I will consider these features in the future version.
      PS. In the current version, incomes could be recorded with minus values (they will turn green).

    • avatar Jeff says:

      I see! Nice!

    • avatar kOoLiNuS says:

      I’m with Jeff on these suggestions. You would earn my 5 (★★★★★) on the AppStore and I would also buy (and give) it on a 0,89/1,99€ version of it!

      Previously I was using Menelao but your’s app is way more elegant and enjoyable in the use.

      I’ll keep following your updates!

  • avatar Gary says:

    I can’t find the way to cancel my wrong item !
    How can I delete my wrong item??

  • avatar Ivo Daniel says:

    Great app :) I tried other expenses trackers and I think this will be the first I’ll stick to. There is only one thing I would like to see in this app (besides the suggestions made by Jeff): the ability to define monthly recurring expenses.

    Cheers, Ivo

  • avatar afulist says:


    • avatar afulist says:


  • avatar afulist says:

    由橫向檢視切換為直向檢視後,希望是顯示行橫向檢視所位於的日期即可滿足部分Date locating需求,操作情境例如12/29(直)>12/23~29(橫)>12/16~12/22(橫)>12/16(直),如果想回12/29利用當日返回鈕即可,請您參考,謝謝。

  • avatar Golf says:

    Great App!
    Hope you have plan to make the desktop(Mac) version

  • avatar renz says:

    i’m korean. I really love ur app-daily cost.
    But there is something you guys update to korean currency symbol.
    ₩ for korean is doesn’t need to use point like xxxx.00
    and increase more figures. (daily cost support 6 figures except decimal point)
    ex) ₩ 1,000,000 is just $936 (today’s currency rate)
    so if people using ₩, they can’t input over ₩ 999,999.
    so hope u guys update soon.

  • avatar burak says:

    hey very nice app but i have improvement ideas.

    1. icloud support
    2. a month and weeks overview of my expenses
    3. option to set a another “first day of the week”, in germany the first day of a week beginns monday and not sunday

  • avatar aero says:


    1. 添加备注的界面,键盘右下角的按钮最好是“完成”;

    2. 新建开销条目,输入数字之后又删除,右下角按钮最好切换回“X”而不是“OK”;

    3. 增加对星期起始日的设置;

    4. 希望有按月统计开销的功能。

  • avatar Miguel says:


    Congratulations for your nice app! I really like its simplicity and sleekdesign. Everyone is posting his own wishlist, so here’s mine:

    1. New setting to setup the “first day of the week”. Here in Spain begins on monday.
    2. Presets for frequent expenses, like everyday’s coffee or breakfast. Maybe you could put a new array of buttons with these presets in the input screen.


  • avatar Krazle says:

    Incredible app, I have never seen such beautiful simplicity…
    I would love to use your app for years to come, but it would be amazing if you could add a way to make sense of the data beyond the one week mark. Maybe allow exporting or ability to change scale on the graph.
    Maybe a paid version with more powerful features, hidden somewhere behind the simplicity…

    Anyway, this is a work of art, thank you.

  • avatar Phábio Duarte says:

    Dailycost will be released for android?

  • avatar freestef says:

    Very nice app which, for once, give me envy to enter my expenses on the fly. Beautifully deisgned.
    I miss Swiss Francs (CHF) as currency and would be delighted to have more category. I’m thinking of splitting “computer” to “software” and “hardware”.
    iPad version may be ?
    And the pertinent ideas from burak, Miguel and others :-)
    Keep up, nice work, thank you.

  • avatar Sam T says:

    Is there a custom currency feature somewhere? I couldn’t seem to find it.

    Thanks for a great app!!

  • avatar Danis Lou says:

    This is the simplest app I’m looking for! Love it so much! Nicely done:)

  • avatar sniperbat says:


  • […] 网站:http://guopengliang.com/portfolio/dailycost/ […]

  • avatar Alexis says:

    Awesome app, thank you!

    Could you please tell me if any of these features are in future list? Cuz I deadly need them :)
    – Week starts from Monday;
    – Custom categories (renaming and creating new ones);
    – Montly statistics.

  • avatar 王思达 says:


  • avatar Rajiv says:

    Simple, neat & Clean app.But,Why no Rupee??!!Have got few more suggestions.
    1) Pls add Indian Rupee(Rs)
    2)Also expecting iPad version with Cloud sync.
    3) Currently the app has option to view only weekly expenses cumulatively. Need to add monthly & Yearly view(Monthly expenses view is compulsory–Reading the earlier comments, looks like many have asked for monthly/year view 😊)

    • Rupee will be supported in the next version. Monthly and yearly view features are in the development plan.

    • avatar Rajiv says:

      Thanks a lot. Any plans for iPad version of the app? Coz, I have both the devices and I think many would be like me and want the app in both their devices with automatic cloud sync like in iCloud.

  • avatar Ed Rizaec says:

    Hi! Started using your app. It’s great. I suggest if there was an income tracking. Is it possible to add this feature in future?

  • avatar Jim says:

    Simple and cool, app. One very small feature request.
    Right now for denoting month only the numerals(01,02 etc). It would be nice if you change it to first three letters of the months(Jan, Feb, Mar etc). And I think,by doing so the page’s clutter freeness will also not be disturbed as it has space for just three letters. Would be great if you consider it in your next update.

  • avatar CZ says:


  • avatar Yang says:

    Simple and elegant as the app description says. Pls add the ability to add custom category(and it’s share must also be displayed in pie chart in the weekly expenses view).

  • avatar Petr Rozmajzl says:

    Hi Guopeng Liang

    I am Peter from Czech Republic. In our country is so muny users of your app. Can you add new currency for our country Czech Crone ,,CZK” or ,,KČ”???

    Thank you.

  • avatar André says:

    Please include my currency ( DKK ) from Denmark.. Thanks :)

  • avatar André says:

    Or ( KR ) which is the original currency :) DKK is international i think

  • avatar Gilbert says:

    Great app for everyday use! But is it possible to get a monthly overvieuw. That would be nice! Thanks for offering/creating this app.

  • avatar Angelo says:

    This app is great, love it. Only things missing are monthly and yearly view as other alredy suggested. Thanks anyway, really great UI.

  • avatar Lucas says:


    I’ve been using this app very well.. this is great app :) But, I have a request of you.
    Can u add a url scheme in your app? (ex. dailycost:// or dailycost://[category]?[pay])
    iif there is the url scheme in your app, i can acceess to your app very quickly from 3rd party
    launcher app like Launch Center Pro.


  • avatar Frankie says:

    Hello Guopeng,

    I like this app, but, I have a two little requests for you. I would be grateful if it would be possible to use more currencies (e.g. Czech Koruna etc.). I travel a lot and it would be amazing if I could track my expenditures in more than one currency (for example in € if I am in Europe and USD during my travels in USA. There is no app on the market with this feature, so it could be good opportunity to you.

    Thanks for offering/creating this app.
    Thanks for you reply!

  • avatar David says:

    Like somebody mentioned above: I miss our currency the swiss CHF… But before everybody asks about their currency: wouldn’t it be smarter to just leave the currency out?

  • avatar Efthymis from Greece says:

    Hello, and congratulations on the App, and on your Portfolio also.

    I understand that it’s hard for a Developer to incorporate every single feature the users ask for, but I agree with many others that we need a way to add custom Categories; and if you would be as kind to also include a pool of icons so we can assign to the custom Categories. For example, a Home Phone Bill with a classic telephone as an icon, Electricity Bill with a lightning, you get my point… It’s not practical to put all those different expenses to the Housing category.

    One last thing: in my spare time, I translate apps (for free) in Greek. I can disclose one of them, the excellent iStudiez. Should you be interested, we could discuss this over email.

    Thank you for your time and keep up the good work

  • The final issue for me then is the amount of bespoke coding. As always you are at the mercy of the people who write the code. If you cannot afford to have a dedicated team who take pride in producing well structured, well documented and well tested code, then using a framework will not save you from the expensive maintenace legacy this will result in. If you have good code review processes in place this should not happen of course and that is true of writing Drupal modules too. They have best practice guidelines and I follow these as well as walking through any contractor developed code. So I see this as a draw.

  • avatar Germán says:

    Hi, love your app adding to all the wish lists:

    1- adding week/month/year view

    2- edit category names. For example if I want to keep track of the amount of money I spent with my kids or in my motorcycle

    Love to see this update

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    That is the very first time I frequented your website page and
    so far? I surprised with the analysis you made to create this actual publish extraordinary.
    Magnificent task!

  • avatar Samuel says:

    Do you have any plans on making an Android app? If so, when do you plan on releasing it. I just currently switched from an iPhone 5 to a Nexus 4 and I would love to have this app on my phone.

  • avatar Majk says:

    First of all – it is great app.

    My suggestions (wishes?):

    – week/month/year view
    – periodically payments
    – sending selected statistics to email (in some periodes – end of week, end of month)
    – iCloud support, Web-interface, iPad app…

    Many thanks…

  • avatar Deon says:

    Please support for Indonesian Rupiah (Rp) i really love this app, but my country currency not available on this app :(

  • avatar Jorn says:

    Is Norwegian Kroner supported?

  • […] wielu małych przyjemności, co w efekcie przynosi daleki od zamierzonego bilans wydatków. DailyCost jest aplikacją, która pozwoli trzymać rękę na pulsie i wprowadzić nieco kontroli w zakupowe […]

  • avatar Khoa says:

    daily cost is a near perfect app and im really happy that i bought it. But i would like to recommend some features that you can add to make the app becomes better:

    – add a budget or income so that we can keep track of our balance more easily

    for example: 03 15 fri
    Budget $500
    cost $ 10
    Total $490

    and it will continue until we add more or runs out of money, my friends and I would love to have that option and i think a lot of other users out there also want it. Other features like day/month/ year and the option to edit the category directly as other people already mentioned above.

    please consider about that in the next update! thanks a lot!

  • avatar 姑苏过客 says:

    提个BUG:统计天数那里的数字是不对的,如果某天没有花销,则不计入天数,举例来说,就是某个月(31天)我可能有5天没花钱,那么统计天数那里显示的就是 26,而不是实际的31天。
    期待下一版能改进这个bug 同时期待月统计等更多实用的功能,谢谢!

  • avatar Mario says:

    Hi, thanks for the great App. I am really using it everytime when I spend any amount of money everywhere. I am using it scince month already. But here I have a problem now. I would like to see the development of my expenses over the month and over the year. I think, it’s no necessary to have this overview build-in in the app. It would be even more benefitial to have an export function to store the current database as tab separated data file (.txt .dat) so that I could import it to any tabsheet software on my computer. Another idea would be to sync it directly on a Google Drive tabsheet. Will this be possible in the future? This would be great.

    Thanks a lot for your work.
    Best regards, Mario.

  • avatar Emilia says:

    Help! My Daily Cost screen just went black! What can I do to retrieve my information and use the app again?

  • avatar Kit says:

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  • avatar Kandi says:

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    is sharing facts, that’s truly excellent, keep up writing.

  • avatar 小马很霸道。 says:


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  • avatar Roger says:

    怎樣調整同一天當中的消費項目的順序?EX 早餐 晚餐 午餐 輸入順序錯誤 但不想一一刪除後 再重新輸入 就直接調整項目順序

  • avatar zyh says:


  • avatar Grace says:

    I’m truly impressed with the UI. I love how when I turn my iphone horizontally it shows the charts :) Simple, easy, and straight forward! Love it! 😀

  • avatar henry says:

    太感動… T^T 用了很多個國外的付費開銷記錄app , 都沒有一個比得上這個簡單直接流麗…
    用戶介面亦十分直覺 , 我只係想將我嘅日常開支容易分類+備註 , 但除左呢個Daily Cost app 竟然沒有其他app做得到 , 一些app甚至限死了我的膳食開支在lunch 而不能修改!! 有一啲app就沒有港幣單位-,-….
    i would recommend this app to all of my friends , hope u could read my comment

  • Hi! I could have sworn I’ve visited this site before but after going through a few of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Regardless, I’m definitely happy I came across it and I’ll
    be bookmarking it and checking back often!

  • avatar Mamie says:

    Fantastic goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you’re just too fantastic. I really like what you have acquired here, certainly like what you are stating and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep it sensible. I cant wait to read far more from you. This is really a terrific site.

  • avatar edward says:

    设计很不错的应用 :)
    比如我在cydia上买了个0.99美元的插件,然后又在app store中区买了6块的软件

  • avatar jocelyn says:


  • […] Berangkat dari hal tersebut, kali ini kami akan merekomendasikan sebuah aplikasi yang akan membantu kamu dalam hal mencatat pengeluaran. Aplikasi tersebut bernama DailyCost. […]

  • avatar jeery says:


  • avatar Phoebe says:

    DailyCost 是我目前用過可以最快速的記帳的APP,希望可以增加月開銷的功能!方便檢視每月花了多少錢?很喜歡此APP,謝謝開發團隊^^nn1

  • avatar Cmdmac says:

    very nice!Hope for android version.And strongly recommend to use 我的账本, an android software for record cost and the owner is another person graduated from SCUT.

  • Is this app already support for Indonesian (Rp) currency? If yes I would like to buy it, because I heard this app is very good :)

  • avatar ttmovey says:


  • avatar 姑苏过客 says:

    再次重复BUG:统计天数那里的数字是不对的,如果某天没有花销,则不计入天数,举例来说,就是某个月(31天)我可能有5天没花钱,那么统计天数那里显示的就是 26,而不是实际的31天。

  • avatar Suzanne Jensen says:

    Help! No screens appear like the ones shown on the website
    I only see a gray page with categories listed. When I tap them nothing happens.
    I could go to background and indicate my change, but when I returned
    to the main page there was no change.

  • avatar Laura says:

    Hi Guopeng,
    Thanks for this great app.
    Not sure if this is possible…. can we delete all previously entered data so that the next time a csv file is emailed there’s a new starting date?

  • avatar Alexander says:

    Just installed your app. It’s fantastic!

    Only one issue – there is neighbor currency (Lithuanian Lits – LTL), but there isn’t our (Latvian lats – or LVL). We already know, that from 1st of January 2014 we will have EUR here, but till that time what should we do? I just changed currency to EUR and imagine, I have EUR in my pocket.

    Thanks in advance! :)

  • avatar Chiu says:


  • avatar msea says:


  • avatar jinnie says:

    请问ipod touch 4,系统版本6.1.3,经常会有闪退现象发生,但不是每次都这样,会是什么原因造成的?

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  • […] iCloud-Backup. Programmiert in HTML5 und JavaScript, nähere Informationen dazu beim Hersteller. Das zurückgenommen „flache“ Design könnte als eine Art Vorschau auf iOS 7 betrachtet […]

  • […] Unterstützt iCloud-Backup. Programmiert in HTML5 und JavaScript, nähere Informationen dazu beim Hersteller. […]nn1

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