DailyCost is a simple and elegant expense tracking app for everyday use. With intuitive interaction and beautifully designed statistics, it just rocks.

  • Simple and easy to use UI
  • Intuitive experience
  • Smart categories
  • Elegant stats and reports

This app is designed and developed individually by a passionate designer in his spare time, alone.
After using many complicated expense tracking apps, he determined to design a much simpler one.

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Behind the app

Unlike most other native iOS apps developed with Objective-C, DailyCost was developed with HTML5 technology, using JavaScript as its programming language. One of the key benefits of HTML5 is its lower cost in migrating to other platforms, such as Android.

The biggest challenges in developing DailyCost is debugging and performance tweaking. It uses a customised jQuery library as its core framework. In order to enhance overall performance and achieve better UI responsiveness, numerous research and efforts has been made. By reducing the complexity of the HTML DOM structure and minimising the reflow and repaint process for each interaction, better performance could be achieved.

Lessons learned

Guopeng Liang shares his design thinkings behind this app on SlideShare:
Simplicity – Design Thinkings and Methodologies behind DailyCost


Highest rank globally: reached overall Top 10 in 15 countries, finance Top 10 in 100+ countries
Highest rank in China: #16 overall, #1 in finance category
Total downloads: 500,000+

2013.12.27 – interview with Guopeng Liang by GeekPark
2013.10.30 – featured attendee at Dublin Web Summit
2013.08.30 – exceeds 500,000 users in total
2013.08.28 – won Macworld Talent First Prize
2013.08.01 – 10/10 scores recommended app by App Storm
2013.06.13 – version 1.6.0
2013.05.31 – exceeds 350,000 users in total
2013.01.27 – in-depth interview by CSDN about Guopeng’s vision of design thinking and HTML5
2013.01.20 – reported by 36kr.com
2013.01.06 – exceeds 200,000 users in total
2012.12.30 – exceeds 100,000 users in total
2012.12.26 – App Store ranking (Finance) #1 in Singapore and Taiwan, #2 in India and Malaysia, #5 in HK
2012.12.25 – App Store ranking (Finance) #3 in China, #4 in USA, #11 in UK
2012.12.24 – exceeds 30,000 users in total
2012.12.14 – version 1.4.0
2012.11.22 – version 1.3.1
2012.10.17 – version 1.1.6
2012.10.09 – version 1.0 initially available on App Store

Comments (102)

  • avatar aweei says:

    希望可以增加自訂類別的功能,或是可以再項目裡加備註,謝謝! 很好的APP

    Hope that can increase the functionality of the custom class, or can project Riga Remarks, thank you! Great APP

  • avatar 毒药 says:


  • avatar A user says:

    May I make a few suggestions:

    1. It’s probably better to call the app DailyExpenses instead of DailyCost.
    2. It would be good to allow users to prevent the display of categories that they don’t want, and to add custom categories that they do want
    3. Use a larger font for the days at the top – it’s hard to read at its current size
    4. Only the default background has enough contrast to make the app readable – you might want to modify all the colors, fonts etc to make the app readable with any background other than the default (blue).

    That said, this is a very nice app

    • Thanks for your suggestions buddy. The reason why it’s called DailyCost is that, the initial thought of this app is to help users just to keep track and remind them of the daily spendings. Because in most cases, incomes could be tracked well in our bank accounts. And DailyCost is shorter than DailyExpenses or DailySpendings, easier to remember and could be displayed without missing the trailing letters on iOS devices.

    • avatar Jeff says:

      I see! Nice!

  • avatar Jeff says:

    Really nice and intuitive interface! It does a much better job than any other apps in the category.
    A few suggestions from the general scenario based on main functionalities though:

    1. Date locating.
    Part of the reasons why people take records of daily spendings is that they can quickly track back to a specific date to see what they spent. So it’d be good to select a date to view from a calendar in stead of swiping, say 30 times to get to see how much I spent on the same day a month ago.

    2. Week/Month/Year view.
    The status display is really clear and tidy, but to be honest, reading a week expense can hardly tell anything.. It’d be nice to be able to switch between week, month or year view at the harizontal diagram view.

    3. Data back-up and import.
    For any type of records, it’s always important to back the data up, especially after a long period of time. We can’t really bet all the risks on a mobile phone after all.

    One extra nice and easy feature to suggest would be to add the “income” item, so we can quickly see the balance, rather than just the spendings. ^_^

    But again, the interface is just great. Haven’t seen such a clean UI before. d(^_^o)

    • Thank you for the suggestions Jeff. I will consider these features in the future version.
      PS. In the current version, incomes could be recorded with minus values (they will turn green).

    • avatar Jeff says:

      I see! Nice!

    • avatar kOoLiNuS says:

      I’m with Jeff on these suggestions. You would earn my 5 (★★★★★) on the AppStore and I would also buy (and give) it on a 0,89/1,99€ version of it!

      Previously I was using Menelao but your’s app is way more elegant and enjoyable in the use.

      I’ll keep following your updates!

  • avatar Gary says:

    I can’t find the way to cancel my wrong item !
    How can I delete my wrong item??

  • avatar Ivo Daniel says:

    Great app :) I tried other expenses trackers and I think this will be the first I’ll stick to. There is only one thing I would like to see in this app (besides the suggestions made by Jeff): the ability to define monthly recurring expenses.

    Cheers, Ivo

  • avatar afulist says:


    • avatar afulist says:


  • avatar afulist says:

    由橫向檢視切換為直向檢視後,希望是顯示行橫向檢視所位於的日期即可滿足部分Date locating需求,操作情境例如12/29(直)>12/23~29(橫)>12/16~12/22(橫)>12/16(直),如果想回12/29利用當日返回鈕即可,請您參考,謝謝。

  • avatar Golf says:

    Great App!
    Hope you have plan to make the desktop(Mac) version

  • avatar renz says:

    i’m korean. I really love ur app-daily cost.
    But there is something you guys update to korean currency symbol.
    ₩ for korean is doesn’t need to use point like xxxx.00
    and increase more figures. (daily cost support 6 figures except decimal point)
    ex) ₩ 1,000,000 is just $936 (today’s currency rate)
    so if people using ₩, they can’t input over ₩ 999,999.
    so hope u guys update soon.

  • avatar burak says:

    hey very nice app but i have improvement ideas.

    1. icloud support
    2. a month and weeks overview of my expenses
    3. option to set a another “first day of the week”, in germany the first day of a week beginns monday and not sunday