Update: January 27, 2010

Guopeng Liang was born in Shenzhen, China on 31 March 1985. He is a creative and award-winning designer and developer with an industrial design and engineering background. He self-taught programming. “Ironically, most of the time I don’t think of myself as a designer or developer,” he says, “It helps me think and work beyond boundaries to carry out innovative solutions.” A passionate perfectionist as he is, Guopeng Liang never stopped pushing the limits.

Guopeng Liang’s works ranged from product design, user experience, graphical user interface, information architecture, interaction and animation design, to mobile application design and development. His works initially brought public attention when he was 15. He designed and developed a Flash interactive website and won the grand prize in a major national competition, in which he was the youngest among all professional winners. His Internet-connected transparent washing machine concept, the iBasket, won the Global Silver Prize in Electrolux Design Lab competition and had been exhibited in global exhibitions. His independently designed and developed mobile app, DailyCost, exceeded 240,000 downloads in the first three months with highest ranking of Finance category top-five on the App Store in more than 90 countries. Guopeng Liang was also the winner of one Reddot Design Award and three International Design Excellence Awards.

In 2003, Guopeng Liang began to study Industrial Design at South China University of Technology. After he graduated and earned Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, he was privileged with full scholarship support to enter Tongji University. He furthered his study and gained Master’s Degree in Art & Design in 2010. Despite his talents in design and creativity, Guopeng Liang was offered admissions to two of the world’s most renowned design institutions, the Royal College of Art in London, and Art Center College of Design in the United States. However, he waived such opportunities for personal reasons.

As a designer, Guopeng Liang had the privilege of taking internships in design and research departments in Fortune 500 companies including Samsung Design China, Samsung Electronics Seoul and Microsoft Research Asia. His solid foundational skills and vast project experiences enabled him to deliver innovative and user-centered software and hardware products as well as strategical solutions. In 2010, Guopeng Liang began to work in Alibaba Cloud Computing and was soon promoted to Design Expert/Visual Design Lead level. He lead a team of eight visual designers. As a creative leader, Guopeng Liang mentored his team with design thinking and user-centered methodologies. His determinative and entrepreneurial characteristics inspired many colleagues throughout the company.

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GMAIL: guopeng [dot] liang [at] gmail [dot] com
QQ: 6419759

Educational Background

2007 – 2010Tongji University / Shanghai, China

  • MA in Art & Design (Industrial Design), College of Architecture and Urban Planing
  • Excellent Graduate, Master of Arts, 2010
  • GuangHua Scholarship for Graduate Students, 2008
  • Enrollment Scholarship, 2007

2008Royal College of Art / London, UK

  • Candidate of Innovation Design Engineering (IDE), a double Master’s MA Royal College of Art/MSc Imperial College London

2008Art Center College of Design / Pasadena, USA

  • Candidate of MA in Industrial Design

2003 – 2007South China University of Technology / Guangzhou, China

  • Industrial Design, College of Mechanical Engineering
  • Excellent Graduate, Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering, 2007
  • Award for Outstanding Contributions to Extracurricular Academic and Scientific Innovation, 2004

Professional Experience

2011.08 – presentAlibaba Cloud Computing / Visual Design Lead, Design Expert / Hangzhou, China

  • Responsible for the development of CloudOS GUI 2.0 for updating and unifying the user experience across multiple hardware platforms.
  • Leading visual design team, including prioritization of objectives, quality control, design resource management, and mentoring junior designers.

2010.05 – 2011.07Alibaba Cloud Computing / Senior Product Designer / Hangzhou, China

  • Defined the CloudOS GUI design language, and designed the major apps of CloudOS.
  • Responsible for the industrial design of Aliyun mobile phone architype, developed product concepts to unify the GUI and hardware for one seamless experience.
  • Lead designer of Aliyun new logo and visual identification system design.
  • Lead designer of Aliyun Browser v1.0 in GUI and UX design.

2009.12 – 2010.03Microsoft Research Asia / UX Designer (intern) / Beijing, China

  • Involved in the UX design of several web-based analysis softwares. Completed user-centered interaction flow and data visualization design. Designed new graphic interface as well as some icons.

2009.09 – 12Rfanti.com / UX Designer/Developer, Co-Founder / Chengdu, China

  • Holistic user experience design and front-end integration, including logo, visual design, CSS and JavaScript coding. The website will be beta launched in late April 2010.

2009.07 – 08Samsung Electronics, Creating New Business Division / Product Designer (intern) / Seoul, South Korea

  • Project “Cross Culture Innovation”, mobile phone archetype design for 2011-2012 Chinese market.

2008.08 – 2009.06Samsung Design Membership China / Designer / Shanghai, China

  • Best Performance Award of the Year.
  • Team leader and work with 12 members for both iF concept award 2009 and IDEA students design.
  • Team leader of an eight-member-group independent project “Mobile 2016“.
  • Designed the China Culture Lab logo, adopted.
  • Designed the symbolic CMF palettes, adopted and mass produced.

2008.05 – 2009.03Hong Kong Polytechnic University Asian Lifestyle Design Research / Researcher / Shanghai, China

  • Home visited and deep interviewed with 10 local families in Shanghai.

2006.03 – 08Yoolin Student Entrepreneurial Team / Web Designer / Hangzhou, China

  • Developed a web 2.0 social networking website for Yoolin Global Chinese Students League (www.yoolin.com). Responsible for interface design, HTML/CSS and server-side PHP programming for the 2.0 version.

Awards & Honors

2013Macworld Talent First Prize

  • DailyCost, expense tracking app. [ LINK ]

GMIC Competition appAttack Selected Top 50 apps

  • DailyCost, expense tracking app. [ LINK ]

2009Red Dot Award

  • Touch Color, thermal drawing tablet for the visually impaired.

IDEA Bronze

  • Tikk-Tekk Rainbow, universal measuring tool. [ LINK ]

IDEA Bronze

  • Touch Color, thermal drawing tablet for the visually impaired.

IDEA Finalist

  • PowerCoin, a concept of sustainable circulation systems for battery. [ LINK ]

2008Silver Prize, Electrolux Design Lab

  • iBasket, washing machine. [ LINK ]
  • Invited to give a presentation to a panel of 4 international juries and 200+ journalists in Zurich, Switzerland.

2007First Prize, Great Wall Industrial Design Competition

2007Merit Award, Guangdong University Student Architecture Design Competition

  • HOME for Migrant Workers, modular architecture. [ LINK ]

2005Wining Entry, OPUS Design Award

  • Slidable Eyewear, eyewear design. [ LINK ]

2004Best Creativity Award, South China Hardware Lighting Design Competition

  • Galaxy Lamp, lamp design.

2001Grand Prize, Intel Pentium 4 China’s First Creative Flash Animation Competition and Film Festival

  • AlienHome.3, Flash web design (Professional Group). [ LINK ]


Mandarin (native), Cantonese (native), English (fluent)