Levi.table is a stylish induction cooking table and interactive entertainment center designed for the younger generations in the next 90 years. It breaks down the walls and rebuild your kitchen onto your dining table, bringing closer you and your friends invited to home-made dinner party. The process of cooking becomes so enjoyable. It’s socially connected. Large touch screen provides easy access to any rich media content.


Thanks to the Internet, socialized digital life is highly preferred by the younger generations of tomorrow. People are connected with each other wherever they travel and stay. They share new findings and interesting stuffs instantly with their friends.

Health Concerned

Unlike today, younger generations of tomorrow are bored of fast food. They are more and more concerned with their health. Therefore, healthy cooking recipes become one of their favorite topics over the Internet. Self-made meals are not just more healthy, but also cheaper and more delicious.

Fun Oriented

Younger generations of tomorrow enjoys DIY much more than anyone else. From snacks to meals, they enjoy the process of self-making and sharing with friends. Home made dinner party would be their highly recommended social event, where friends could sit down, chat and play games.

Interactive Cooking

Levi.table is socially connected to your friends and 10,000+ professional cooking websites. Healthy recipies and the making of new snacks could be easily obtained as you touch the screen. You can also see what your friends are making. Find out their secret ingrediants as you stand by your cooking bowl.

Cooking heat zones could be easily defined at anywhere over the surface of Levi.table. Heat resistance cover glass and smart programme provides extra safety to you.

Socialized Dinner Party

Levi.table breaks down the walls of your kitchen and brings the enjoyable cooking process right to your dining table. You won’t miss any fun part with friends any more, because you are no longer kept in the kitchen just to prepare the meal.

You and your friends could also play interactive games with Levi.table as you are waiting for the water to boil.

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