Kissin’ Fish

As population grows continuously, in 2015, restaurants will become more crowded than today during the dining hours. Table will be made smaller so as to increase its number to accommadate more people at the same time. Every inch of space on the table will become more precious and the necessary accessories will have to find their way up, away from the table, above it, haha!

This is a set of salt and pepper shaker named Kissin’ Fish. The shakers, fishes, with embed magnet behind their lips, are sticked to a polished metalic surface hang above the dining table. The reflection from the polished surface completes the image of  two lovely fishes kissing lip to lip.

This set of hanging cutlery does not only free up the space on the table, but also adds sense of humor to the dining atmosphere.

Two fishes kissing through the mirror with their own reflections.

Wavy surface on the left and flat surface on the right.

Fishes standing on the table.

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